Shell is the No.1 global lubricant supplier, delivering market-leading lubricants to consumers in over 100 countries. Shell brings world-class technological insights to its products, with specialised lubricants research centres in the US, Germany, UK and Japan. This enables Shell to offer the best lubricant formulations for your vehicle, which can clean and protect your engine, help to prolong its life, improve its performance and contribute to its fuel efficiency. Whatever your needs or application, you can rely on Shell to provide a full range of lubricants, including synthetic high-performance products.

Shell Helix

Shell Helix motor oils are designed to meet your daily driving challenges, with a range of motor oils to suit every engine. Every aspect of the Shell Helix formula is infused with Shell’s extensive oil development expertise, from the base-oil technology to additive selection and blending. Our Active Cleansing Technology (ACT) is formulated to clean as it protects the engine, helping to prevent the build-up of dirt and giving you a smoother, more responsive drive.
You can choose from our Shell Helix Ultra fully synthetic motor oils that offer unsurpassed protection against sludge, wear and corrosion, to premium multigrade oils for everyday driving environments. No matter how stressful the driving conditions, Shell Helix will help to clean and protect your engine.

Technical Partnership with Scuderia Ferrari

Shell Helix was developed during the technical partnership with Scuderia Ferrari’s Formula One team – now lasting more than 60 memorable years. Its unique Active Cleansing Technology (ACT) cleans your engine as you drive. This removes more dirt and sludge than conventional oils, providing Shell’s ultimate cleaning performance.
Ferrari Formula One engines need the power to compete for track positions, but they must also have the reliability required to finish races.

The cleanliness of an engine is vitally important to its performance. Dirt build-up in an ordinary engine can reduce performance, and microscopic deposits can cause problems for a Ferrari Formula One engine, which is required to perform massive leaps in engine speed in the blink of an eye. During such rapid acceleration, the stresses placed on the engine and its oil are immense. The smallest dirt build-up in an oil way can affect the flow of oil to crucial components and potentially result in engine failure.
It is also crucial to keep deposits away from other important surfaces within the high-revving engines. Dirt in the oil can interfere with the formation of friction-reducing films, which play a key role in minimising engine wear and maximising engine power.
Whether for a Ferrari Formula One racing car or a family car, Shell Helix technology helps to keep the engine running as the designers intended – at maximum efficiency.

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